Are you ready for 2015??

2015    and the   mystery  cycle of 7’s 

we are now in the final year of the seventh, 7yr cycle

7 day cycle in one week, 7 year cycle, 7X7= 49    2015  historic changes and big economic crash coming!!

Current 7 year cycle started in 2008. The final year of 7 yr cycle started Sept 2014, It will last for one year,

till Sept 2015 when this 7 yr cycle will be complete . Sept is the first month of the final year of this cycle.

Many interesting events are now starting to happen. Many Big Big World Historic events yet to happen in

2015, satanic NWO marching forward fast.  First 2 months, of the final year of the 7 yr cycle foretells the signs

of the whole 12 mth cycle.

Gods Biblical 7 year cycle!!

W.D. Gann was one of the greatest traders of all times. Gann studied the Bible and discovered many of Gods supernatural Biblical time cycles. He started trading in the early 1900′s, he used extremely arcane trading analysis techniques and methods that were based on ancient mathematics, geometry and Biblical time cycles. When Gann was 24 in 1902, he made his first trade in cotton futures contract and enjoyed the profits from trading. In his 53 years of trading thereafter, it was said that he had gained US$50 million from the markets. Wealth of that scale compared with the purchasing power of his time was, in deed, very substantial.

Sept 2014, start of the final year in 7 yr cycle, stocks start big sell-off, Oct 2014 was blood red moon,

then a huge stock sell-off. 2015 has eclipses and several more blood red moons including a Super blood red

moon in fall of 2015!!   All astronomical events are happening on Gods feast days that the Jews celebrate!!

Blood red moons

7-year crisis cycle going back to 1973 is used  to predict another crisis in 2015.                      Here is the table and the forecast.

1973: Arab oil embargo, with spillover into 1974 stock market low of wave IV.

1980: peak in the inflation rate; top in gold, silver and mining stocks, interest rate spike, stock-market “massacre” and low of wave 2

1987: stock market crash and low of wave 4

1994: “Republican Revolution;” suspicion of government due to Waco attack (1993), “black helicopters,” etc.; stock market breaks uptrend line at low.

2001: successful terrorist attack on the World Trade Center; low of wave (3) of 1  [actually 3  of a].

Seven years after 2001 is 2008, so that is the next year to look for an extreme in social fear.

There was certainly a crisis and plenty of social fear in 2008, so this cycle performed as it should have. This rhythm prompted us to wonder if there might be a 7-year cycle in the stock market that would explain the regular appearance of these crises.

2008 plus seven years =  2015!!        Watch for market top and stock crash in 2015

USA super power days are now  ending!!

Sept 2014 7yr cycle very foretelling, judgement coming. First months Sept + Oct news events,

A calf is born with  Gods # 7 imprinted!!Red Heifer #7

#7 in Scripture        #7 in Revelation      more #7        #7 video

China surpass   USA as worlds largest economy, new Freedom Tower in N.Y. opened,  China buys Waldorf

hotel, Russia now largest nuclear weapons power,  Ebola virus started in USA, Natural disasters bubbling,

trembling, ready to let loose earthquakes, droughts e Yellowstone super volcano

early record snows and cold continue, sodomite “marriages”  leagalized, record # abortions, huge drop in oil

prices  usually precedes major stock crashes. USA vulnerable, EMPCME, Asteroids,  aliens UFO’s

deceptionfalse religions unite, Obama Bans God!!   False prophet     Vatican secrets We are now living in

the Biblical time period called the Book of Revelation, where all of the signs will take place right before Jesus

calls up all of His true believers from all Christian denominations. False Christians in name only, pagans,

moslems, atheists, satanists, etc will all unite under a Christless false religion (anti-christ) headed by a world

church leader the Bible calls the false prophet. They will be left behind to go through the satanic NWO

tribulation of misery, world war, and persecution,this vanishing of all  true Christians will NOT be an alien

abduction as they will tell everyone!!

(today pagan liberals are very deceived, they have more faith and belief in worldly things, satan and

demonic aliens and ufo’s than in their Creator + Savior Lord Jesus Christ)

After the tribulation, Jesus will come down to Jerusalem with the true believers to rule and reign, fulfilling the

scriptures. Sin/liberalism is rampant like never before and America refuses to repent. America is the modern day Biblical Babylon, and it is prophecyd to be destroyed by fire in one hour.

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs!! They have eyes, but do not see. They have ears but do not hear. They can not discern the signs or the times!! Revelation 20-4 Beheadings have already started, and will be coming to your country soon!! “And I saw the souls of them that had been beheaded for the witness of Jesus and for the Word of God, and who had not worshiped the beast, nor his image, nor had received his mark upon their foreheads or on their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.”

NBC Chip Prediction  .And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

Billions spent on CERN super collider machine now ready to go!!

Two Min. Warning!!

Jesus return very soon!!

Last Days Deception



My spiritual story

How Can I Know For Sure I Am Going to Heaven?

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Get Ready,  time is running out!!

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